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Welcome to LENAM Translit.

We are providing interpreting and translation services in:
Bognor Regis, Chichester, Littlehampton and
surrounding areas, including Portsmouth.

If you need our service in other areas including East and
West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey - this can be organised
under arrangements.

Where you require our service for legal, medical,
community, immigration, tourism, financial
or any other services please contact us.

Please note: people from such countries as:
Latvia,Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and
others 15 countries are mainly Russian spoken,
as they used to be part of Soviet States where
Russian language was the main language.
Whatever your Russian translation/ interpreting
needs are, we can help you.

We are competitively priced, with quality and timeliness
of delivery assured. Additionally, you will receive
personalised attention from start to finish, as well as any
follow up that may be needed.

We will gladly answer all of your questions relating to
Russian and Ukrainian translation/ interpreting.




Our translation services are designed to meet the requirements of
any one from organisations or companies to private individuals.
The translation service will include:

-legal translation
-marketing translation

The translation of written material,
such as letters, leaflets, posters, reports

·Driver’s licenses
·Birth certificates
·Wedding certificates
·Divorce certificates
·Degrees & diplomas
·Other kinds of licenses & certificates
·Advertisements & Brochures
·Company Manuals & Annual Reports
·Legal Documents
·Letters & Email Correspondence
·Medical Documents
·Occupational Health & Safety Manuals
·Policies & Procedures
·Press Releases
·Product Packaging
·Websites & Software services.
Whatever your translation needs, we can help you.
We are competitively priced, with quality and timeliness of delivery assured.
Additionally, you will receive personalised attention from start to finish,
as well as any follow up that may be needed. We will gladly answer
all of your questions relating to Russian translations.

If your translation particularly urgent, let us know and we will endeavour
to provide the work overnight or during the weekend.

The translated documents are typically provided via e-mail in many formats.
We can send it to you by first class post (no fee) or if you would like to receive
it next day delivery we can organise it for you for extra charge.

For any requirements please do not hesitate to contact us
and will be happy to discuss any matter with you.

We are happy to provide interpreting services in any area.

- Consecutive interpreting

- Whispering interpreting

We offer consecutive interpretation services for:
conferences, legal proceedings, medical
appointments, human resource meetings,
confidential business negotiations, discussions,
speeches, seminars and other social

Our interpreters havebeen carefully
evaluated and are selected for their proven
language proficiency, educational credentials
and breadth ofexperience.

Consecutive interpretation is most commonly
used in one-on-onesituations.

Specialised interpretation equipment
is typically not required.
Whispering interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language
(English, for example) and one or two delegates speak a different language.
The interpreter sits beside the delegate - or in the case of site visits, walks with the
delegate - and whispers the interpretation to him or her during the meeting.
It’s a less formal type of language interpretation.

Our interpreters are working on the flexible hours and happy to travel.

Please contact us for any question or more information.
LENAM - Translit
offers Russian tuition for all levels,
from beginner to advanced.

Classes are taught one-on-one
or in small groups.
The small classroom setting allows us
to offer our students tailored support
that yields faster results.

LENAM Tuition provides
a wide range of classes, including:
conversational, grammar, exam
preparation and travel preparation.

Classes are suitable for young children,
teenagers and adults.

You can choose to study as few or
asmany hours as you would like.

The first lesson is free.

Classes usually take place at LENAM Tuition;
if you are unable to come to our office,
lessons can be arranged via Skype
or at your venue.


We are happy to provide tuition services in the South area.


For Up to 100 words - £-, also this is minimum fee.
More than 100 words - £- thereafter, per up to 100 words.

Charges are based on the number of words rounded up.

For example, a translation of 320 words would be
charged as per 400 words (£?+£?+£?+£?=£??).

Special project work will be negotiable and
it will depend on complexibility.

Short notice / urgency (within 48 hours) -
15% surcharge fee will apply.

Please note the deposit will required for any work.

Face-to-Face Interpreting - minimum booking of 1 hour.

09:00 - 17:30
£- for the first hour; thereafter is £- for every 30 minutes.
The time is rounded to the 30 minutes.

17:30 - 09:00
£- for the first hour thereafter £- every 30 minutes.
This is also weekend’s rates.

Public holidays - £- per hour,
thereafter £poa every 30 minutes.

Travel expenses, if none local, are paid
in addition plus £-/h or £-/h (weekends).
Short notice (within 24 hours) 15% surcharge fee will apply.

Over 48 Hours - No Charge.
Within 48 Hours - 50% Charge.
Less Than 24 Hours - Full Charge.
Please note all charges are sunject to VAT.
"ЛЕНАМ-Транслит" предоставляет услуги переводчика в: Богнор Режисе, Чичестере,
Литлхэмптоне, а также в местних окрестностях, вклучая Портсмут.

Если вам необходимы услуги нашей компании в более отдалённых территориях
Западного и Восточного Сасекса, графства Хэмпшир- это возможно организовать
по предварительному соглашению. Пожалуйста сконтактируйте с нами.

Предоставляемые услуги могут быть как юридические так и медицинские,
общественные, эммиграционные, туристические, коммерческие  и частные.

-устные и письменные переводы
- перевод по телефону
- сопровождение и перевод
- помощь в оформлении анкет, различних заявлений,         
.  заявок, бланков
- оформление резюмэ
-  помощь в поиске различних страховых компаний
- регистрация детей в местные учебные заведения.

Предоставляем частные уроки английского языка для детей и взрослых,
персонально или для группы лиц, a так же уроки русского языка.
Russian - English - Russian

Русский - Английский - Русский
Ukrainian - English - Ukrainian

Українська - Англійська - Українська
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